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  • May 2017
    In this issue, 2017 Idaho Legislative Updates, Summit 2017, innovative approaches to improving vaccination rates, immunization awardees in Idaho and more!
  • March 2017
    In this issue, a new Small Grant Program sponsored by the Idaho Immunization Coalition, Medical Care Costs, HPV updates, and much more!
  • December 2016
    In this issue, Annual Fundraising Campaign, Summit 2017,  Shots Smarts 2017, Influenza 2016-17, and more!
  • November 2016
    In this issue, HPV Vaccination Summit and HPV Vaccination Day, Summit 2017 – save the date, Adult Vaccination strategies for adult immunizations and much, much more!
  • September 2016
    In this issue, Pink Book Course and Summit, College of Idaho President calls for MenB vaccination requirement, and more!
  • July 2016
    In this issue, we have many great tips and news to share with you just in time for summer! Remember to add immunizations to your summer to-do list.
  • May 2016
    Idaho Immunization Summit & Pink Book Course registration open now, NVAC update, Idaho’s adolescent rates, and more!
  • March 2016
    Updated Strategic Plan, Battling Meningitis, ACIP Update, and lots of events coming your way – Idaho Immunization Summit, Pink Book Course & Shot Smarts 2016!
  • December 2015
    IIC Annual Fundraising Campaign, School Immunization Rates, HPV, ACIP Update, and more!
  • November 2015
    Summit Spotlight, Strategic Plan Updates, Useful Advice, Upcoming Events and more!
  • September 2015
    Idaho Immunization Summit, 2014 Idaho Immunization Data, Useful Practice Tips, Pertussis Update, HPV Vaccination, Current Idaho Recommendations, and more!
  • July 2015
    Idaho Immunization Summit, Booster Shots, Pink Book Training, Immunization Actions Near You, Current Immunization Issues, and more!
  • May 2015
    Idaho Immunization Summit, Resources for You, Immunization Actions Near You, Shot Line, 2015 Legislative Recap, and more!
  • March 2015
    Sharing Information, Central District Advisory Board, Shot Smarts, HPV Vaccination Report, Measles, and more!
  • 4th Quarter 2014
    Annual Campaign, School-located Vaccination Clinics, BSU Health Fair, and more!
  • 2014 Summit Edition
    Highlights from the 2014 Summit; National Immunization Conference 2014; and Idaho Meningitis College Campaign Final Report!
  • 3rd Quarter 2014
    NIS Survey Data; Advocates; There’s An App for That; Nasal Flu Vaccine; Booster Shots; Donors & Supporters; and more!
  • 2nd Quarter 2014
    2014 Immunization Summit; CDC Child Immunization Champion; Idaho Immunization Champion; and more!
  • 1st Quarter 2014
    2014 Immunization Summit; Shot Smarts; Childcare Education Nights; HealthMap Vaccine Finder; Recommended Immunization Schedules; and more!
  • 4th Quarter 2013
    IIC’s Inaugural Event Successful!; The Meningitis Campaign; 2013 Immunization Summit Results; Coalition Spotlight; CDHD Boise Hawks Immunization Nights; 2012 National Immunization Survey; and more!
  • 3rd Quarter 2013
    A Back to School Reminder: Immunization Requirements; National Immunization Survey – Teen 2012 “Where does Idaho stand?”; Get Ready for Flu Season; Report: HPV vaccine is safe, but still underutilized; Jenny McCarthy on the View: What does it mean for immunization advocates?; and more!
  • 2nd Quarter 2013
    Shot Smarts a Success, Immunization Champions, 2013 Booster Shot Schedule, Upcoming Events, and more!
  • Idaho Immunization Coalition Newsletter—1st Quarter 2013
    Get Involved, Flu Vaccine Dosing, National Immunization Rates, Upcoming Events, and more!
  • 4th Quarter 2012
    Get Involved, Flu Vaccine Dosing, National Immunization Rates, Upcoming Events, and more!
  • 3rd Quarter 2012
    Get Involved, Flu Vaccine Dosing, National Immunization Rates, Upcoming Events, and more!
  • July 2012
    Updates and alerts, upcoming events, vaccine inventory report, best practices, and more!
  • June 2012
    Spotlight On Pertussis, Idaho’s Infant Immunization Champion Dr. Susan Kim, Idaho commemorates National Infant Immunization Week, Upcoming events, and more!
  • April 2012
    Shortage of Pentacel and DAPTACEL Vaccines, (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices issues provisional recommendation for those aged 65 and older to receive Tdap vaccine, Outbreaks, and Awards
  • March 2012
    Mid-Year National Immunization Survey Results for Idaho, Upcoming events, Tools for Communicating with Parents, and Tips to increase office Immunization rates.


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